Helping businesses improve sales productivity & retention.

At 921 Consulting we are extremely excited to launch our new company. Our focus is across just a few critical facets of sales synergy including individual wins, team success, skill consistency, and easily repetitive processes.

Sales successes and failures are based on everything from initial contact to post contract service. Whether your product / solution is a 1st/2nd call transactional purchase or a multi month longer term decision process we can help. As the creator of the industry leader’s transactional sales process and a commercial provider’s multiple call process we fully understand what it takes to be successful in an environment that quickly changes.

After 32+ years in field sales, Sales Management, Sales Training, and finally as National Director of Sales / Leadership Performance for the industry leader we do best-
• What you say / When you say it / How you say it / Most importantly, Why you say it
• Strategy for multiple lead generation efforts
• Higher closing rates
• Higher average selling price
• Higher gross margin / installation margins
• Customer interaction = Customer Retention

At 921 Consulting we are early adopters in using virtual learning, coaching and we can help you create or strengthen whatever you currently have in place We also know that when possible, to master the art of face to face selling there is a need for face to face practice, objective real time coaching, and skill enhancement.

If any of the notes above sound familiar let’s have a conversation and see what we can do for you and your team. We can also send you additional information on past successes and experience.
If interested, you can find several references on Linked In.

Whether you have a local, regional, or national footprint or growth strategy we can be an integral part of your success.

Kevin O’Neal, Principal
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