Helping businesses improve sales productivity & retention.

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  • 8X Centurion Club (+100%)/ 6X Club Excellence (Top 5 producer)
  • Solutions based and needs focused
  • Sales enablement facilitation- over 15K trained Transactional sales training - 27 years / 6 C's
  • Needs Analysis and The "Be" - Attitudes
  • 3-40+ managed in different roles / learned from some of service industry's best
  • Booster Club Pres - 6 yrs / Church nursery - 11 yrs

My drivers and My story

If you're looking for our 921 Consulting / Security Solutions website (from Yelp) it is currently under construction. Please call us at 833 921 7233 for your security solution questions.
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At 921 Consulting we are extremely excited to launch our new company. Our focus is across just a few critical facets of sales synergy including individual wins, team success, skill consistency, and easily repetitive processes.

Sales successes and failures are based on everything from initial contact to post contract service. Whether your product / solution is a 1st/2nd call transactional purchase or a multi month longer term decision process we can help. As the creator of the industry leader’s transactional sales process and a commercial provider’s multiple call process we fully understand what it takes to be successful in an environment that quickly changes.

After 32+ years in field sales, Sales Management, Sales Training, and finally as National Director of Sales / Leadership Performance for the industry leader we do best-
• What you say / When you say it / How you say it / Most importantly, Why you say it
• Strategy for multiple lead generation efforts
• Higher closing rates
• Higher average selling price
• Higher gross margin / installation margins
• Customer interaction = Customer Retention

At 921 Consulting we are early adopters in using virtual learning, coaching and we can help you create or strengthen whatever you currently have in place We also know that when possible, to master the art of face to face selling there is a need for face to face practice, objective real time coaching, and skill enhancement.

If any of the notes above sound familiar let’s have a conversation and see what we can do for you and your team. We can also send you additional information on past successes and experience.
If interested, you can find several references on Linked In.

Whether you have a local, regional, or national footprint or growth strategy we can be an integral part of your success.

Kevin O’Neal, Principal

Experience Map

  1. -
    Founder and Principal, 921 Consulting & 921 Security Solutions

    921 will work in 3 areas - Sales / Leadership Enablement; Design and sales of residential security solutions; and providing Expert Witness support in Alarm / Security company cases

  2. -
    Senior Director (VP), ADT Security Services Corporate Team and Authorized Dealer Program

    Continued in sale role (Direct Channel)and was given the responsibility of sales enablement for ADTs 200+ Authorized Dealers (Indirect Channel)

  3. -
    Director - Sales Enablement and Performance , ADT Security Services Corporate Team

    Over this time frame the team grew from 5 to over 35 team members, and direct reports from 2 to 9. Responsible for managing a team with a budget in excess of $12M. Team facilitated learning opportunities for over 11K team members.
    Team responsible for
    -first ADT Sales Manager Academy which resulted in a career training curriculum, performance tracking, and virtual coaching with over 140 Sales Managers.
    - migration from class room focused training to virtual onboarding plan (The APP Map) and new cadenced modular virtual training facilitation.
    - sales production increases in excess of 14% month over month immediately following training
    - Genius Desk - real time live virtual sales coaching 70% of each day
    - Implemented ADT's Smarter Growth market strategy to increase customer retention, improve quality of customers, and inducted entire field/management team in new culture

  4. -
    Director - ADT University, ADT Security Services Corporate Team

    Instrumental in transitioning existing corporate training team to broader scope including more robust 2 touch sales team training, Sales Management Coaching, and Commercial / National Account facilitation and learning strategy development. Creation of ADT Learning Council for collaborative, cross channel efficiency enhancements.

  5. -
    Senior National Training Manager, ADT Security Services Corporate Team

    Responsible for training team of 3 facilitators across North America training over 1800 team members and over 240 members of our sales leadership team. Our team increased both unit production (+12%) and self generated opportunities (+28%) for new hires in their first 90 days. Coordination and e-management of well over 130 courses annually.

  6. -
    National Training ManagerResponsible for training , ADT Security Services Corporate Team

    Responsible for training of over 1600 field sales team members in 4 business channels and 155 General Managers in USA. Facilitation both facilitator led and self paced learning formats. Selected to facilitate courses in Central America, Australia / New Zealand, and England.

  7. -
    Regional Sales Manager, ADT Security Services South Carolina

    Managed 7 offices and 38 team members with responsibilities for Sales and Operations, Administration and Finance.  

  8. -
    Security Specialist, ADT Security Services Atlanta GA

    Sales, Customer service, Customer retention, mentor to new hires.  100% Centurion Club or Club Excellence (Top 5 performers) for  8 straight years.



success and growth

  • Sales Specialist
    top producer for 7 of 9 years
  • Sales Leadership
    identify individual's talents & needs.  Enable them using virtual resources.

Education Highlights

  • Georgia State University
    BBA Marketing - Class of 1984
  • 1st One but not the last one
    I'm the 1st college grad in my immediate family & now have my own Family of graduates. Love it!

hobbies & interests

  • Rocky Mountain Skiing
    Best day is jumping off the lift, turning left & letting gravity do its thing!
  • Saturdays in the Fall "Between the Hedges"
    Go Dawgs!  enough said!
  • Faux Foodie
    Love to try new places but my heart always comes back to Local Republic in Lawrenceville, GA,


  • +83%
    team member retention - 18+ years
  • 12/13
    Years as centurion or Club ExCellence Wiinner
  • 88%
    9 year customer retention
  • 12345

Questions & Answers

Who are your main influences?
Professionally leaders like Joe O'Connell, John Strade, Duane Bruce, Greg Daly, and Alan Cox, my 1st Sales Manager in 1985.

Personally, my parents taught me about hard work, accountability, how to smile everyday, and love each other unconditionally. I hope my wife and sons see these character traits in me.

What's my greatest joy in my professional career?
It's really a two-part answer. On the business and services side of it I've been a partner in saving more lives than I'll ever know or at least deterring those same bad things from happening to the customers who chose us to be their service provider. The other, and nearly as rewarding, has been through mentoring hundreds, if not thousands, of other new team members to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Zig Ziglar said it best - "Get what you want by helping others get what they want."
What tools do you use?
In any learning environment, whether its sales or leadership related I incorporate both face to face and e-learning. I still believe that face to face is critical to get a relationship started and then virtual coaching can be introduced.  It's kind of like may meet virtually  initially and continue the relationship remotely when necessary but at some point you have to get nose to nose to really connect. I've become a huge fan of using video texting over standard texting when possible.  It can be an extremely valuable conversation, removes any incorrect interpretation of intent, and one that can be kept for future reference.
Why continue to do what I've done for 32 years?
Name me another profession where you can change and maybe even save someone's life at every interaction. There are some but only a handful. I love educating people to improve their position. What they do with the information is up to them, whether its improving a skill to become more successful or as simple as implementing a fire evacuation plan for their home.  When everyone wins its been time well spent.  Both objectives set that person up for a better and longer life.

Other important parts of 921

  • Deterrence but not security
    Deterrence but not security
  • Nest - self installed
    Nest - self installed
  • Team meeting and break out sessions
    Team meeting and break out sessions
  • Classroom hands on learning
    Classroom hands on learning
  • Remembering what's important
    Remembering what's important
  • 9 Things
    9 Things
  • New sales plan?
    New sales plan?

8-9-17  Caution looking at automation opportunities as full solutions for your home / family's protection.  The 2 can work together but automation w/out a quality security protection plan is just a larger, cooler band aid.

Close you must!

Whether you have seen the cult classic movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, or not you have certainly heard these lines –
A B C…A - Always…B - Be...C- Closing
Put that coffee down!! Coffee's for closers only.
We want the good leads.
We're adding a little something to this month's sales contest. As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anybody want to see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired.
This may have been the movie that single handedly stopped...


Metro Atlanta and North / Northeastern Georgia

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